Lifestyle Management

Planes – Ships – Cars

In cooperation with ATAG PCS Ltd and external specialists, we can offer our clients lifestyle management covering aircraft, yachts, classic cars and other rare vehicles.

Our consultation services begin when you want for example to purchase, lease or rent a jet. We discuss your wishes and requirements and find the right solution for you. When traveling privately by aircraft, your movement profile must comply with extensive and complex regulations and requirements. We take care of everything for you, including all aspects of flight operations, right up to the sale of your jet.

With our international partners, we take care of the purchase, construction, overhauling, leasing and charter yachts in both the commercial and private sector. We can gather the information, process the paper work and execute payments regarding taxes, customs duties, financing, choice of flag, registration, maintenance and operation and choice of crew.

Private Properties & Collections

We offer our clients comprehensive advice regarding private properties. This service extends from the concierge service (e.g. organisation of the facility management of a property abroad) to tax advice in the area of property or tax implications when purchasing property abroad.

Thanks to our cooperation with ATAG PCS Ltd and some carefully selected external specialists, we can offer our clients support in the area of art. We advise our clients according to their preferences or affinities, but also in terms of investment strategy or investment opportunities.

Philanthropy & ESG

Together with our clients, we set up philanthropic projects that reflect their own values.

We can also devise meaningful investments in environmental, social and governance (ESG) which some clients find a more efficient way to “do good”.

These personal commitments are coordinated in order to be in line with our client’s corporate social responsibility strategy. We ensure that the values and image remain consistent in order to create cohesive outward impact.