International Law and Taxes

Generation Planning

Timely and active inheritance planning is a particular concern for ATAG Family Office Ltd. For example, inheritance entails fundamental changes and puts companies and families through some tough tests; emotions often play an important role during this time. We help and support our clients regarding any questions or problems that may arise in the context of family, marriage, estate planning or estate management. We also cover all legal issues and tax aspects in a comprehensive analysis, in addition to providing sound advice regarding the management of our clients’ assets.

Corporate and Family Governance

We work together with our clients to develop the best organisational structure for the responsible management of the family business, to ensure that the family assets are maintained for generations to come. If there are several successors to a family business then arrangements made for the next generation will naturally revolve around the allocation of the family assets. If such arrangements are well made and can avoid typical pitfalls, it is easier for the next generation to agree with the decisions made.

By using this carefully-fashioned approach, we support our clients and the family company entities in their mutual dealings and communications with each other (interaction between family members and the family business).


  • General consulting in the field of corporate and family governance
  • Development of shareholder contracts
  • Management training for executive bodies of the family business
  • Support in meetings for shareholders and employees
  • Development of a family constitution
  • Advice to the family council
  • Comprehensive support for family members
  • Conflict management
  • Communication platform for family members and employees of the family business

International Law and Tax Regulation

We provide a wide range of legal and tax advices to family businesses, families, individuals and married couples. Our solutions are always adapted to the specific needs of our clients, who receive support and guidance until a solution for their legal and tax issues has been devised and implemented. During this process we concentrate on implementing solutions that are adapted to their individual requirements. Our clients benefit from ATAG Family Office Ltd’s international orientation and large network. In all legal matters, ATAG Family Office Ltd can rely on the expertise of ATAG Attorneys Ltd, providing proactive support in international law and tax regulations.


  • Corporate law
  • Family and inheritance law
  • Durable power of attorney / living wills
  • Contract law
  • Foundations / trusts
  • Corporate governance / compliance
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Banking and financial markets law
  • Art and entertainment law
  • Property and construction law
  • National and international tax law
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Arbitration