ATAG means ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd., ATAG Family Office Ltd. und ATAG Attorneys Ltd. The companies exist independently and make a perfect complement.

ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd. was founded in 1917 as ATAG Allgemeine Treuhand AG in Basel. The founding years were marked by political challenges and historical upheavals. From the outset, the clear objective was to create a services provider that would be defined by its uncompromising loyalty and focus on the specific interests and needs of its clients. It is these human qualities that are considered absolutely essential throughout our organisation, while unfailing professional excellence is considered a matter of course.

Beginning in 1960, ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd. was part of the international network of EY (Ernst & Young) until it was transferred to the ownership of its current partners in 2001.

Our spectrum of services has grown continuously over the past more than 100 years and is constantly developing in line with the requirements of our clients. However, the core and the basic promises to our clients have always remained the same from the very beginning. Our full commitment with passion, dedication and loyalty remains our highest premise.

As an independent consultancy service provider, our guiding principle of acting reliably, quickly and confidentially is the hallmark of our strong and distinctive brand. In 2016, two new companies were founded under the ATAG name: ATAG Attorneys Ltd., a legal firm specialising in commercial and fiscal law, with the aim of supporting challenging projects within a streamlined structure providing high levels of professional competence, and ATAG Family Office Ltd., designed to meet the needs of clients from influential and wealthy entrepreneurial families both in and outside of Switzerland.

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