About us

Company History and motto

ATAG Family Office Ltd was founded in mid-2016 as a separate and independent Swiss multi-family office. The company emerged from ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd, or ATAG PCS Ltd, which in turn dates back to 1917. In that year, the foundation for ATAG PCS Ltd was laid with the incorporation of Verwaltungs-, Revisions- und Treuhand AG in Basel. In 1919, Verwaltungs-, Revisions- und Treuhand AG was renamed Allgemeine Treuhand AG (ATAG), a name that has shaped Swiss auditing and consulting throughout the 20th century. Today, as in the past 100 years, ATAG is committed to the steadfast and loyal pursuit of the interests and objectives of its clients.

ATAG Family Office Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services covering all matters related to business, family, asset management and lifestyle management. Our clients are family businesses, families, individuals and couples. We address their specific needs and organise their structures. We strive for an integral, independent solution-oriented approach that is not solely compliance-driven.

The services pertaining to legal and tax advice are closely linked with wealth management in order to be able to offer our clients solutions that are customised to their individual requirements.

To best represent our clients’ interests, we have chosen the "assets under advisory" approach and not "assets under management". We are fully committed to the well-being of our clients, which determines our approach every day and in all aspects of our work. We have access to an international network of financial experts as well as the expertise pool of the other ATAG companies. We are competent in all areas related to the requirements of a multi-family office, or have chosen partners who can provide us with the necessary support.


  • Inheritance and marriage contracts
  • Family governance
  • Generation planning
  • Pension planning
  • National and international tax rulings
  • Wealth management: asset allocation, manager and service provider selection, risk and reporting
  • Lifestyle management: schools, philanthropy, art, property, boats and aircraft


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Dr. Igor Rusek

As an internationally experienced and renowned lawyer, he oversees mandates all around the world and, using his knowledge and experience, he successfully manages the team at ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd (ATAG PCS Ltd), a company within the ATAG group. His distinctive natural talents include providing the clarification and structure for complex decision-making processes for legal and tax matters, as well as reliably recognising the specificities and requirements of families.

Dr. Igor Rusek is chairman of the board of directors of ATAG Family Office Ltd. He is also on the board of directors of ATAG Attorneys Ltd and is ATAG PCS Ltd CEO and managing partner.

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Prof. Dr. Nicole Conrad, LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Conrad has focused on family and business law from the beginning of her career as a lawyer. The combination of these two legal areas makes her a recognised expert in providing advice on complex family and inheritance issues for a corporate clientele, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this, she has comprehensive experience as a barrister, including the law on arbitration proceedings.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Conrad's work also focuses on mediation and conflict management consulting. She is furthermore a professor of commercial law at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) as well as a lecturer at various other universities in Germany and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Conrad is on the board of directors of ATAG Family Office Ltd. She is also chairman of the board of directors of ATAG Attorneys Ltd.


Dr. François Bueche

Dr. François Bueche has an exceptional understanding of the requirements of demanding entrepreneurs and private customers. Due to his in-depth knowledge and decades of experience, he is an "old hand" and always finds solutions for what can sometimes be very complex issues, and the specific situations in which his clients find themselves.

Dr. François Bueche is highly appreciated by his clients, not only for his excellent and discreet advice, but also for his manner and savoir-vivre. He represents the interests of his clients in various other companies, either as president or as a member.

Dr. François Bueche is on the board of directors of ATAG Family Office Ltd. He is also chairman of the board of directors of ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd. (ATAG PCS Ltd)


Gabrielle Weber-Perregaux

She meets with decision-makers in networks from all around the world at the highest level. She knows how to use our influential contacts advantageously in the interest of the client, with great dedication and a flair for efficiency – in the role of administrative councillor at home and abroad. ATAG stands for unconditional reliability. This is a claim that Gabrielle Weber-Perregaux fulfils every day with the team from ATAG PCS Ltd, and which she consistently demands in turn from our partners worldwide.

Gabrielle Weber-Perregaux is on the board of directors of ATAG Family Office Ltd and a partner of ATAG PCS Ltd.